Communicate with Children and Teenagers

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Today it’s more and more important to learn to communicate efficiently with children and teenagers, particularly for parents and people like educators and teachers who work in close contact with them.

Next Dates and Locations of the On-Site Courses!

>> Saturday 7th March 2020 in Padua
>> Saturday 14th March 2020 in Trieste
>> Saturday 4th April 2020 in Brescia
>> Saturday 9th May 2020 in Pisa

Here you will find what you will gain joining the On-Site Course
“Communicate with Children and Teenagers”:

  • Complete Videocourse “Communicate with Children and Teenagers”

  • Participation in the Live Event: you will spend 3 hours working with an experienced teacher who will guide you step by step through the acquisition of all the basic tools of Relational Communication!

  • Clear and Exhaustive Course Book, an extremely detailed manual with all the topics covered in the course and useful insights.

  • Certificate for the Participation at the On-Site Course, with the teacher’s signature.

Participating in the course “Communicating with children and teenagers” is a fundamental experience for everyone, not only for parents, educators and teachers!

Anna Zattera

During the teacher’s explanation I was wondering: “What shall we do now?” The answer I have given myself, confirmed by the teacher, is that we have to recognize our position and our condition, we have to work on ourselves, and keep growing our knowledge.

Enrico Nogherotto

The course “Communicating with children and teenagers” is very interesting. It helps build equal, positive, constructive, healthy communicative relationships.

Carla Paccagnella

I think that the course “Communicating with children and teenagers” can be useful to any person interested in starting an evolutionary path.

Fabio Tomè

Very interesting, useful and practical. I believe it is essential to keep learning in life. The afternoon of training is remarkably fluid, serious and at times humorous.

Laura Zaggia

Those who live every day in contact with children and young people
know well that relating with them carries great responsibilities.

At this point let’s ask ourself:
“How can we communicate effectively with children and teenagers?”

By developing these 4 Skills:

By learning to understand which ways the child uses to communicate

By learning to be fully responsible for our communication!

By helping the student to bring out the best of himself, and not doing things for him

By guiding the kids to achieve their goals while respecting his timing

What Some Participants are saying about the On-Site Course

A lot of interesting concepts, it would be nice to deepen the topic.

Silvia G.

Positive, I learned so much and I’m sure that tomorrow I will teach a lot of useful things to DSA children, even tough I’m not a teacher.

Graziella Z.

Very interesting. A topic to explore.

Giovanni C.

Interesting and full of useful ideas, destructuring the mind is more and more necessary with provocative, disturbed and the most difficult children. I’m wondering how much I am not positive in certain moments.

Anna D.

It was very interesting the point of view of communication, preceded by a state of consciousness of one’s roles and responsibility.

Laura V.

Pleasurable. Interesting content, exposed in a very comprehensive way, with practical exercises which I consider very useful.

Anna Maria G.

Absolutely fantastic! With a few concepts Filippo was able to explain really important things, and often underestimated or even ignored.

I would like to thank Filippo for making me open my eyes to this huge world, which is partly unknown to me. Now when I talk to people I will take care of them! I absolutely recommend it!

Selena B.

I loved it, I found it interesting and fun at the same time. Although I have already had some information, I have realized with pleasure that we can learn so much because it is easy to misunderstand and being misunderstood. I am happy to have come here today and I thank Filippo and the staff!


Giusy L.

I found the course very interesting. At first I stopped simply because I was curious but, as an eighteen year old, I felt taken into consideration many times and described perfectly in many of the teacher’s statements. If the professors really put their advice into practice, it would really make a difference! Said by a person who is still in the school system.

Elisa M.

It was very interesting because I understood things I didn’t know before. For example with children it is necessary to relate with discretion and moderation and not, with malice as many do.

Simone P.

It was very nice: sometimes it important to stop, think and learn to listen to others, to improve yourself and the world around you! Thank you.


Luigi C.

Interesting. Even if I am not a teacher and I will try to use Filippo’s advice in my daily life in dealing with my daughters. Thanks a lot.

Graziella S.

Pleasant experience, the quality was EXCELLENT! Even if I had already dealt with the topics covered, these topics are always interesting and I hope that we can spread them more and more to build a better society. I would like to participate in the construction mentioned before. Thank you so much for what you do. It was very interesting to understand why I can’t communicate with certain people. The course helped me seeing what others are saying from another point of view, I feel like I can now interpret gestures that were previously bothersome and incomprehensible for me! The way in which Filippo has managed to show us communication from a point of view that is not ours is wonderful! Thank you

Giada M.

Interesting reflections, communicative ideas and a good focus on communication will help me becoming a more attentive observer, for a better and authentic communication! Thank you.

Paolo P.

As a parent of a seven-year-old child, I have to admit that I’m struggling to understand my child. And even more in being able to make him understand my point of view. I received several practical ideas about how to interact with him! Thank you

Luca S.

Interesting. Even if I am not a teacher and I will try to use Filippo’s advice in my daily life in dealing with my daughters. Thanks a lot.

Graziella R.

A dense and synthetic taste. I personally found it “anomalous” not to find myself in any of the primary roles (teacher, parent …). Perhaps, like every human being towards the little ones (I have grandchildren), I am an educator. I was fascinated by the “division of roles”, an excellent start for a long journey.

Alessandro C.

Very interesting! Congratulations to Filippo for his professionalism. From the course I realized that there is always something to learn, and if we want to improve the quality of life of our future we must all work.

Davide C.

I can see my path … with different eyes, better ones!

Alberto C.

Interesting experience, extremely pleasant and comprehensive.

Roberta P.

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